BaranĂ¡ & Ceylan Ertem: Xenopolis »

BaranĂ¡ & Ceylan Ertem: Xenopolis

Baraná meets the fabulous Turkish pop singer Ceylan Ertem, in an intense and groovy project dedicated to Istanbul.

Press reviews
“This is World Music of the future – listen how the different cultures and worlds embrace each other warmly and with effort, and how they lead magically to music that can leave no one untouched” (Moors Magazine)

"This is ethno-jazz the way God meant it to be." (New Folk Sounds, april 2011)


Ceylan Ertem – voice, effects
Steven Kamperman – alto clarinet, soprano saxophone
Behsat Üvez – electric baglama, voice
Jeff Sopacua – guitar
Ernst Reijseger – cello
Afra Mussawisade – percussion